For Students


4th floor stacks: books N through Z

3rd floor shelves: media and reference; new books; browsing books and popular titles

2nd floor stacks: books A through L

1st floor stacks: books M

Other Offices

TLC: Tiger Learning Commons, 3rd floor

Study Abroad, 1st floor

Librarian offices: 3rd and 1st floors

Classrooms: 310 (3rd floor), 103 (1st floor)

ITS: Services on the 1st floor and a help desk on the 3rd floor

Library Spaces

4th floor: moderate noise, collaborative spaces

3rd floor: main floor, moderate noise, flexible seating

2nd floor: quiet floor, and Reading Room

1st floor: study rooms available


Print: Students print with their Tiger Card on kiosks around campus. In the library, our kiosk is near the ITS service desk on the 3rd floor. For detailed information about printing, visit the Tiger Card website.

Copy/Scan: Students needing to copy can use the Canon scanner on the 3rd floor near the elevators. They will log in with their Trinity credentials and can scan to email or USB drive.

Access to News

Students have free access to the following:

The Economist

The New York Times

The Chronicle for Higher Ed

The Atlantic

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