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Theater Posters & the Archives

Sometimes it feels like the university archives are bursting at the seams with print material from past events held on campus.  When I was interviewing for the position one of…

The National Poetry Month (Unofficial) Challenge

We are well into April and as I’ve talked to students, staff, and faculty members, there’s a pretty clear trend. We’re all feeling the post-spring break, pre-finals pinch. It seems…

Blog April Fools: Pranks, Hoaxes and homo sapiens
Pranks, Hoaxes and Homo Sapiens

Have you planned a prank for April Fool’s Day?  The San Antonio Zoo has a long history of pranking the city. On April 1, 1939, the San Antonio Light newspaper…

Language Learning
Language Learning!

Are you one of the millions of people who fall in love with language learning each year? What resources do you use? If you’re enrolled in a language class, no…

Tigers in Winter
Tigers in a Winter Wonderland

In the meadow, we can build a snowman And pretend that he is LeeRoy Tiger… Do the colder temperatures have you dreaming of a snow day? We took a deep…

public domain day
Public Domain Day 2023

OK, why did I post a big still image from Fritz Lang’s 1927 film masterpiece Metropolis at the top of this article marking Public Domain Day 2023? Well, because now I CAN,…

highlights from the dicke collection
Highlights from the Dicke Collection of Fine Art Books

This fall, much of the buzz on campus has been about the new Dicke Hall, a center for the study of the humanities at Trinity. But did you know that…

October Archives Month
Did you see that: Is it the supernatural, or just your archival staff working?

Fall is my favorite time of year.  Some might think it’s because I can finally look seasonably dressed in my black outfits and purple lipstick. But no!  It’s because October…

new faces and roles in the library
Look What They Did to My Face! (aka, the annual “welcome back” blog post from your library director)

Yes, this is our annual blog post from your library director, to introduce some new names to you and to wish others farewell.  Pardon the click-baity title, but it’s apt….

welcome back
Top Things to Know About the Library!

The Coates Library Team is excited to welcome everyone back to campus!  Compared to the last two years that were filled with mixed emotions, highs and lows, hybrid and in-person…